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Coaching and Training Philosophy...

Your choice in coach can impact many aspects of your life - not just your sporting performance.  The way we think and feel about things has an impact on the decisions we make. A good coach has the ability to help change your mindset, leading to positive impacts throughout your life. 

I believe a positive relationship with your coach and open two-way communication is critical to success. Whilst face-to-face lessons and training sessions are vital, knowing that you have your coach 'in your corner' at all times is a key component to staying strong in your mental game. 

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to both train with and closely observe many coaches over the years, a few who I believe are truly some of the best in the world. Ive discovered first hand what works for me and what definitely didn't. I've always had a keen interest in coaching and the mental skills side associated, and over the years have come to appreciate just how important this is.

These experiences have shaped me as a person, a rider, and strongly influenced my personal coaching style. I offer a positive, constructive, consistent approach to coaching riders and training horses, and it brings me immense satisfaction to be a part of the successes of those I help.

I believe our best results come from consistency and preparation, when both horse and rider are in peak physical and mental condition.

Happy, healthy horses who enjoy their job are going to fight harder for you. I like to think that as a rider it is our responsibility to convey to the horse all the information that is required, have trained them so that they understand this information, then offer them enough support without restricting them so that they can do their job to the best of their ability.

A trained rider who is both physically and mentally fit, is going to do a better job of executing this skill, and having the right coach on board to oversee it is critical to help you on the pathway to success.


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